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General Introduction


Impressions of the North Cascades
Essays about a Northwest Landscape


I have many people to thank for their assistance with this collection of essays. All the writers gave generously of their time and talent. They have donated their work to the cause of the educational programs of the North Cascades Institute. All were an editor's dream in that they quickly and willingly responded to my editorial concerns. Dale Hamilton embraced the project with enthusiasm; it is especially pleasing to me to include the artistic work of this long-time friend in this collection. Thanks also to Stephen Frenkel for helping me develop the concept of this book and to Margaret Foster of The Mountaineers Books for guidance and encouragement. Deborah Kauffmann, editor for the project, was most helpful. My deepest gratitude goes to my wife Rotha, who helped throughout with editing and handled the chores associated with preparing and formatting the manuscripts. I simply could not have completed this project without her help and constant support.

John C. Miles

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