Articles and Research


Read about how N3C supports and accompanies annual glacier surveys in the North Cascades. You can read about the surveys here:


NCCC members accompany North Cascade Glacier Climate Project

The 2013 field season video of the Glacier Climate Project:

The video below is from the North Coast and Cascades Science Learning Network:

Geologist Dr. Jon Riedel eats, sleeps, and breathes glaciers. They are high, hard-to-reach, and hard to study. Keepers of the Beat follows Jon and his work studying glaciers and climate change at North Cascades National Park. Executive Producer: Jerry Freilich, NPS Created by: Silver Fir Media, ~Duration:  18:01 minutes


Flora of Wild Sky Wilderness by Philip Zalesky
A detailed report on the unique plant communities in our newest Wilderness Area in the western Cascades.

Suggested Revegetation Practices  by Margaret and Joseph Miller, 1977
The classic report of N3C’s masters of meadow rehabilitation, focusing on Cascade Pass.

ArticlesPhoto by Kevin Geraghty

Timber on the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest by Rick McGuire
Here’s why we must remain vigilant and not have a false sense of security about the reduced threat of logging today.