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Fall 2016


Betty Manning memorial
Alpine Lakes dam projects begin scoping
Lawsuit closes ATV routes on national forest roads
Military to reconsider helicopter training sites in Cascades
New board member Scott Crain
Lands Commissioner Goldmark to step down
North Fork Skykomish road to reopen?
Celebrating 100 years of national parks the best way I know how
Alpine Lakes Wilderness celebrates 40 years
Wild Nearby exhibit opens at Burke Museum
Join the NCCC work party October 1
The restoration of grizzly bears to the North Cascades
Kennecott mine opposition poster — 50 years ago
North Cascades Institute’s 30th anniversary picnic
Under the weight of ice
About artist Jill Pelto

The Wild Cascades is the premier journal of the North Cascades, featuring its people, places and politics – lively and unafraid to challenge the status quo. Published three times a year, it shares its name with the book The Wild Cascades: Forgotten Parkland, a Sierra Club Exhibit Format book by NCCC leader Harvey Manning, published in 1964, that was instrumental in the creation of North Cascades National Park. We carry on the vigilant effort to defend the North Cascades, and invite you to read issues of our journal online in PDF format – just click on the issue covers to open them! Want to receive your own copy of each current issue of TWC as soon as it’s published? If you’re not already a member,  join NCCC! – a subscription is included with your membership dues. (Online issues appear several weeks after members receive their copies.) You can write to our editor at: wildcascades@northcascades.org We welcome submissions!

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The Wild Cascades journal began in 1961, following NCCC News which began with NCCC’s founding in 1957. A quick history of TWC is in our Spring 2011 issue starting on p. 12. Back issues prior to 2001 may be available from our archives on request (email philf@northcascades.org). Also, we’ve scanned articles Joe Miller wrote for early issues of TWC under the pen name ‘The Kaopectate Kid’ from 1969–1979, and they’re available in a special collection on our From The Archives page. And Joe’s story of the restoration of Cascade Pass from the October 1991 issue is here.

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Spring/Summer 2016

TWC cover Spring 16

Betty Manning memorial
Alpine Lakes dam projects begin scoping
Lawsuit closes ATV routes on national forest roads
Military to reconsider helicopter training sites in Cascades
New board member Scott Crain
Lands Commissioner Goldmark to step down
North Fork Skykomish road to reopen?
Celebrating 100 years of national parks the best way I know how
Alpine Lakes Wilderness celebrates 40 years
Wild Nearby exhibit opens at Burke Museum
Join the NCCC work party October 1
The restoration of grizzly bears to the North Cascades
Kennecott mine opposition poster — 50 years ago
North Cascades Institute’s 30th anniversary picnic
Under the weight of ice
About artist Jill Pelto

Winter 2016



Military “incursions” threaten all northwest
Yakima Plan update
Revising the Northwest Forest Plan
NCCC responds to “Darrington Collaborative” proposals
Remembering Wolf Bauer
In Memoriam: Margaret Miller
UnSustainable roads
Corvid’s eye
Cascade Rambles: RIP Queen of the Middle Fork
Murray receives Alpine Lakes recognition
Varying views on grizzlies: responses to McGuire

Fall 2015


NCCC Actions, March to September 2015
Lawsuit prompts Forest Service pullback on allowing ATVs on roads
Helicopter assault
Granite Falls motocross project halted — maybe defeated
NCCC’s Millers’ pioneering work to save Big Beaver Valley gets international attention
A bad idea gets worse
Is transplanting grizzly bears to the Cascades really a good idea?
In Memoriam: Betty Manning
Tributes to Betty
Cascade Rambles: Into the North Fork Canyon
Patrick Millegan’s bequest honors Harvey and Betty Manning
North Cascades Glacier Climate Project 2015 — Lower Curtis Glacier
The corvid’s eye
Remove a racist slur from Stehekin

Spring-Summer 2015


Monte Cristo count down
Overpopulation here at home
Letter to NPS director regarding Stehekin Valley road
Park Service helicopters confirmed in Mather Wilderness this summer
Chris Morgan: Yes, please, grizzly bears
Return to Del Campo
American Alps update: Why establlish a National Preserve in the North Cascades?
Cascade Rambles: Green River and Charley Creek
The Corvid’s eye
Remembering Bonnie Phillips
A scientist’s emotional evaluation of the “winter” past

Winter 2014-15


Index-Galena road fix price escalates
Thinning proposed at Deception Pass and Dugualla State Parks 
Sustainable roads — the next steps
NCCC Actions, July 2014 – February 2015
Yakima Plan update
Public can’t afford to subsidize new water projects 
Pratt River Valley and environs now in Alpine Lakes Wilderness 
The original “starfish”
A rough winter for glaciers 
Mother Nature, not the National Park Service, closed the Stehekin Road 
Driving to Stehekin 
New dams and diversions
Okanogan-Wenatchee Travel Management update 
North Cascades grizzly bear EIS process launched
Morning Star additions and Reiter connections
The Corvid’s eye
Board members, Park managers discuss helicopters near Cascade Pass
Polly Dyer birthday
Holden Mine remediation to continue at least one more summer

Fall 2014

TWC fall 2014 Cover

Helicopters used for major project near Cascade Pass without public notice
“Quid pro quo” wilderness and forest thinning
Suiattle River road reopened
Hoping for House Action on Alpine Lakes
Paving begins on Middle Fork Snoqualmie road
Back in print — Stehekin: A Valley in Time
Still a Valley in Time? Notes from a short visit to Stehekin
Yakima Plan update
A place that is still very wild
Remembering Patrick Goldsworthy
How Polly Dyer’s untrammeled won out in the Wilderness Act
Granite Falls motocross update
The Corvid’s Eye
“Majestic Methow” Valley restoration
North Cascades Glacier Climate Project 2014


Spring-Summer 2014


Granite MotoCross permit issued; appellants strongly object
Snohomish County takes interest in Wallace Falls
Mining proposed in the headwaters of the Methow River above Mazama
Meet Doctor Polly
Green Mountain Lookout to remain
NCCC Actions, October 2013 – June 2014
Protecting Wilderness: A personal meditation
Rowland Tabor: Geology and the Wilderness ethic in the North Cascades
Forty years of geology in the North Cascades and growth of the Wilderness ethic
The 1984 Washington Wilderness Act – 30 years on
Book Review: The Wild Nearby
Book Review: The North Cascades Highway: A Roadside Guide to America’s Alps
NCCC joins FFCC to advocate for forest management to protect climate
How large should Glacier Peak Wilderness be?
Images of overuse
Fall events celebrating Wilderness
The Corvid’s eye
Cascade rambles: Foothill fancy
Yet another dam threatens Similkameen River
Holly time bomb in NW forests
Cascades trip report: 10 years after: Revisiting S Mountain
26 Water users propose Icicle Creek water project in Wilderness

Winter 2014

TWC winter 2014 cover thumb

Muckleshoot Indian Tribe buys White River lands
County hearings on Granite Falls Motocross Park
NCCC website helps members spread the word
No action yet on Alpine Lakes bill
“Wild Wallace” NRCA proposed
Coalition cautions Interior about funding Yakima Plan
Bad legislation on off-road vehicles and public lands in Washington
From retreat to remediation: changes at Holden Village and in habitat
In Memoriam: Patrick Goldsworthy
Patrick Goldsworthy: An appreciation
Excerpts from a Sierra Club resolution honoring Patrick Goldsworthy
To specialize in something
Listed and answering his own phone
“I’ll make the maps!”
Remembering the Blue Bomb
In Memoriam: Philip Zalesky
Farewell to a giant of wilderness preservation
Philip Zalesky: Another conservation leader passes
Phil and laura Zalesky, conservation education supporters
Remembering “Mr. Zalesky”
Conservationists, Park staff remember Phil Zalesky and Pat Goldsworthy
Dale Jones, former NCCC board member dies

Summer-Fall 2013


Alpine Lakes Wilderness Bill gets House hearing, DelBene tours Middle Fork
Pollution Control Hearings Board agrees: flow should not be reduced at Similkameen Falls
NCCC Actions, June–September 2013
State enacts HB1632, a bad ATV law
Fisher reintroduction announced
NCCC co-founder and board chairman Patrick Goldsworthy dies
NCCC challenges motocross decision
Native vegetation service projects continue long NCCC tradition
The Sustainable Roads Project
What are logging roads made of?
State funds Yakima Plan “early action items”
State purchase of Teanaway lands raises disturbing questions
NCCC, coalition address concerns around proposed Skykomish Geothermal Consent to Lease
North Cascade Glacier Climate Project 2013
New dams aren’t the way to address water needs
Corvid’s eye
Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest planning update

Spring 2013


NCCC testifies against HB 1632
NCCC Actions: October 2012 – May 2013
North Cascades fish stocking legislation
Lands Commissioner Goldmark visits Middle Fork Snoqualmie
Two reasons to celebrate: Non-motorized recreation and roadless wilderness
Trail milestones at Reiter Forest
DNR volunteer work party
Decisions for the Stehekin River Corridor Implementation Plan
Washington Trails Association releases State of Access Report
Letter from Stehekin: the October 20, 2003 floodSuiattle River Road bidding process begins
Pollution Control Hearings Board hears arguments on Similkameen Falls
Corvid’s Eye
Yakima Plan: Not yet shovel-ready
New group looking at dammed lake storage capacity
Wolf pack confirmed in Chelan County

Winter 2013


NCCC board member Thom Schroeder
New FS appeal process proposed
Hopes for a new Alpine Lakes bill
New NOCA Superintendent, Karen Taylor-Goodrich
Suiattle River Road EA decision
Farewell to Chip Jenkins
Chip Jenkins looks back
Mine remediations
Corvid’s eye
Reiter update
Sustainable national forest roads
Yakima Plan blunders on
North Cascades Glacier Climate Project field report 2012
Cascade rambles: A day in the clay

Summer-Fall 2012


North Fork Snoqualmie update
Green Mountain lookout must be removed
Proposed motocross project on the Mountain Loop Highway
NCCC Actions, May – September 2012
DNR Snoqualmie Corridor plan taking shape
American Alps update
“A sense of betrayal” in the Yakima Plan
Charismatic minifauna: North Cascades Pika Project report, 2012
On the outside looking in
New Wilderness! and NCCC work party
NCCC joins appeal against Enloe Dam rebuild
Heli-skiing company gives new meaning to “cut and run”

Spring 2012 


NCCC leadership changes mean new roles for Forsgaard, Zalesky
Reiter Forest non-motorized trail development continues
Alternative C is NCCC’s choice for Suiattle River road project
Catalyst makes debut
NCCC Actions, January–April 2012
In Memoriam: John Edwards
Bumping Lake Update
A conversation with Jan Henderson, Part 2
National Park retirees speak out on H.R. 1505

Winter 2012


National Park advocates create new American Alps organization

Ross Lake planning
NCCC board members bring skills, passion to their work
DNR trail planning process effort begins
A conversation with Jan Henderson, Part 1
A walk around Bumping Lake
The Bumping Lake tradeaway
Strange water bill in Washington State Senate
Record of Decision issued for Holden Mine remediation

Summer/Fall 2011


DNR plans new trails in Middle Fork and I-90
Wild Sky “Trail Plan”
Homeland Security trumps environmental integrity
Okanogan PUD abandons plan for Shankers Bend Dam
North Cascade glacier climate project
Celebrate the American Alps Legacy Proposal on December 9th
American Alps Legacy Proposal released to public September 30
American Alps Legacy Proposal: What and why
Granite Falls motocross project still alive
A Pilgrimage to Image Lake via Holden, and a tale of two mines
NCCC, Sierra Club comment on Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Plan
Roadless Rule upheld – huge win for conservation

Spring 2011


It’s in the air
Celebrating crumbling roads in the backcountry
Swamp Mountain: Perspectives on the Skagit river, source of Northwest life, livelihood and quality of life
Massive overbuilding threatens North Fork Sky road
American Alps Challenge, September 24
A brief history of the Wild Cascades: A call to action
In memoriam: Conway Leovy
NCCC joins intervention against Black Canyon hydro proposal
The Suiattle lawsuit: why it happened, what is at stake, and what comes next
Grizzly bear sighting confirmed in the North Cascades last fall

Winter 2010


Time runs out for Alpine Lakes Wilderness Bill
Hydro projects proposal for Hancock and Calligan creeks
Being green by The Disgruntled Bugcatcher
DNR launches SE PA process for ORV trail construction at Reiter Forest
Cascade Roads: Crumbling Away
Cascade Roads: Hall of Shame
Raging rivers, roads and recreation
My early days on the Whitechuck road and trail
Flooding threatens old growth forest at Bumping lake
A tale of two valleys
PCT border crossing warning

Summer/Fall 2010


Saving the Cascades with social media
Viewpoint: Into the wilds with ice axe, cellphone and GPS
Forest Service proposes Illabot road decommissioning
American Alps Biodiversity Report released
Researching biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics in our American Alps
More news from Reiter Forest
Finney AMA Plan disappoints
Margaret Miller returns to Cascade Pass
Joe Miller, American Hero
Suggested Revegetation Practices Margaret M. Miller and Joseph W. Miller, prepared for the National Park Service June, 1977
Bumping Lake ancient forest: One of a kind
North Cascades Glacier Climate Project
Stehekin road tour with Senator Cantwell

Spring 2010


Two Cycles of the Sun in the Early Winters Headwaters, June 2010
Appeals Court rules against Blanchard Mountain
Remember back when? Our fight to protect Miner’s Ridge
Swap adds Miner’s Ridge to Glacier Peak Wilderness
“Small” hydro threatens Cascades
Why not a Mount Saint Helens National Park?
In Memoriam: Stewart Udall
Wild and Scenic River Bill a Possibility
Potential of North Cascades National Park
American Alps Legacy Proposal
Release Date Approaches; Economic Study Shows Job Creation
Trip Report: Thunder Knob Trail
Holden Mine Update, June 2010
Let them eat bread
Sitec and Tomorrow in the North Cascades
The Making of a Movie: The Irate Birdwatcher
National Park Overflights: What’s Wrong With Them?
North Cascades Study Reports Available Online

Winter 2009-2010


Board Members Highlighted: Philip Fenner, John S. Edwards
Jon Jarvis New NPS Director
Debris from Retreating Glaciers
Plan B 4.0 for Mobilizing to Save Civilization
Wilderness in National Parks: Playground or Preserve?
Book Reviews
Bridge to Nowhere, Almost
Travel Management on Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest
Looking Back: A Backpack in the Northern Cascades
NCNP101 A History Lesson
(Looking Back) What’s Going On Under Vesper Peak? (Reprint from The Wild Cascades, 1971 issue)
Update on the American Alps Campaign
Polly Dyer Day
Historic Reiter Forest Changes
North Fork Snoqualmie: Forgotten Stepsister of the Snoqualmies
Easy Pass to Fisher Basin in September: Early Snow and a Bunch of Bears

Summer/Fall 2009


Whitechuck Update
Stehekin Update
NCCC Intervenes in Sultan Hydro Relicensing
Evergreen Mountain
Your Chance to Help Recover Wolves in Washington State
Feds Review Mountain-dwelling Pika for Threatened-species List
Hiker Helps Turn Dumping Ground into Scenic Gem
Good news, and a wonderful day on the Middle Fork
North Cascades Glacier Climate Project 2009
Reiter Forest, DNR’s ORV Problems
Teanaway Forestlands at Risk
Irate Birdwatcher Premier Showing Nov. 4
Harvey Manning statue Dedicated in Issaquah
A Welcome Change for the Nation’s Forests
Forest Service Closes Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road
The Granite Falls Motocross Fiasco An Update

Spring 2009


The Holden Mine cleanup problem
Meeting with new regional forester
Lower life in higher places
Stehekin Road legislation
111th Congress, 1st Session, H.R. 2806
Forest Service authorizes cattle grazing in area near wolves
Loss of NOVA funding effects Cle Elum FS District
Fish stocking to cease in North Cascades National Park
HR 2430 RFS
American Alps Legacy Campaign goes public
“Parents of North Cascades park want it to grow”
Repair of PCT in Suiattle River area recommendation
Review: Ken Burns’ National Parks film
Goldmark echoes Sutherland at Blanchard Mountain
Reiter Forest update
DNR to close some ORV trails in Reiter foothills

Winter 2008-2009


The Long-Term Future of NCCC: The Role of Bequests in Conservation
Announcing the closing of the North Cascades Foundation
Reiter Forest Update
Heybrook Ridge: Protected as a Snohomish County Park
Azurite Mine Cleanup
NCCC Hosts North Cascades’ 40-Year Celebration
NCCC Announces “American Alps Legacy Project”
Re-Wilding the Cascades: Middle Fork Snoqualmie Bridge Out
The Secret Lives of North Cascades Wildlife
What Ever Happened to WPN-114: Life and Death Among the Bristlecones
Book Reviews: The Bridge at the Edge of the World, Two Planks and a Passion, the Dramatic History of Skiing
North Cascades Glacier Climate Report for 2008
Conservation Updates and Alerts

Summer/Fall 2008


New NCCC Board Members
NCCC Explores Park and Wilderness Additions
Wolves Get a Breather
Calendar of Events for the North Cascades, Fall 2008
40th Anniversary Dinner and Auction, October 3
Chip Jenkins Our New Superintendent of North Cascades National Park Service Complex
Global Warming and Wild Lands
Whitechuck River Update
Blanchard Mountain Victory: the NCCC wins one in court
Happy Birthday North Cascades National Park
Backcountry Travels: Swamp Creek
National Forests ORV Travel Management Update, July 2008
Reiter Foothills
Pratt River Proposal Update with map
NCCC Attempts Native Plant Restoration

Spring 2008


NCCC Expands Conservation Efforts
Our website is worth a look
Calendar of Events for the North Cascades, Summer–Fall 2008
Dr. Fred Darvill
“Pristine” Parks tainted by pollution, study finds
Sultan Relicensing Process Continues
The Last Polar Bear at the Burke Museum
Finney AMA Planning Effort Begins
Heybrook Ridge: Citizens Work to Preserve a Forest
Wild Sky Wilderness Now a Reality
Index Points with Pride to New Wilderness
U.S. Forest Service Drops Massive Restructuring
DNR Initiates “Reiter Foothills” Planning
Forest Service plan to close some sites will save $140,000 per year
Backcountry Travels: North Fork of the Cascade River
Wolves losing protection in the West
Wolf Conservation Advocates Need to Speak Up
In Memoriam: John A. Dyer, 1910-2008
The Wilderness Conference 2008
40th Anniversary of the North Cascades National Park Celebration: October 3, 2008

Winter 2007-2008


Stehekin River Corridor Implementation Plan: NCCC Perspective
The Stehekin River Corridor Implementation Plan
Council Hires Executive Director
Update: Granite Falls Motocross Park
Wild Sky Wilderness Update
Big Dam Threatens Similkameen River
Collaboration? For a seat at the negotiating table, they are jeopardizing their true role
Settlement Reached on Baker Salvage Appeal
Luna Cirque
Fifty Years of Research at South Cascade Glacier
Ski Area Mania Trashes Backcountry
In Memoriam: Bella Caminiti, Marion Hessey and William K. Longwell
Public Land Losses Are Serious
Our Public Lands Auctioning off Nevada
Harvey Manning Statue

Spring 2007


NCCC supports closure of the upper Stehekin Road
Weavtel 1 Stehekin 0: Phones win
Climate Change sets Stehekin River on collision course with private property
Call it Howard Lake Jonathan Rosenblum
National attention now focused on North Cascades
Radio Repeater Update, NOCA
Wild Sky Wilderness
Mountain Loop opening delayed, possibly to 2008
South Fork Tolt Land Exchange possible
Joseph W. Miller, 1915–2007, In Remembrance –
To thin or not to thin
Blanchard Mountain, or Issaquah Alps by the Sea
Montanan named Supervisor of Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests
Mount St. Helens mine threat
Book Review: East of the Divide, Chester Marler
NCCC now 501(c)(3)organization
NCCC objects to increasing motorization of wilderness
NCCC celebrates 50 years of environmental activism
Wilderness Alps: Conservation and Conflict in Washington’s Cascades, by Harvey Manning and NCCC

Winter 2006-2007


Where the Cascades Meet the Sea
Remembering Harvey Manning, 1925–2006
The Elderly Birdwatchers Hiking & Griping Society, 1968–2006
Annual Summer Outings of the Elderly Birdwatchers Hiking & Griping Society
Prospects Brighten for Wild Sky Passage
Predator Conservation in the North Cascades
USFS Salvage Logging Plan: 2800 Acres
Remembering Karen Fant
Proposed Radio Upgrades Threaten Park and National Forest Integrity
50–Year Celebration of North Cascades Conservation Council Invitation – You’re Invited!

Summer/Fall 2006


A Fire District (with Phone Service) for Stehekin?
So What’s Good about Global Warming
Opportunity on the Whitechuck: An NCCC Proposal
Wilderness in Washington: 1964/1987
Eco-Collaboration: Finding a Shared Vision with Who?
2006 North Cascades Glacier Climate Project Field Season
Critical Wild Sky Inholding Purchased
Mineral Butte and Middle Fork Snoqualmie Roads Gated
Stevens Pass Ski Area to Apply for Permit Renewal, Expansion of Operations

Spring 2006


Radio Repeaters in our Parks: A violation of the Wilderness Act?
NCCC Supports Expanded Wildness Through Stehekin Road Closure
NCCC Road Appeals Denied
A Wildlife Encounter
Funding for Grizzly Bear Outreach Project in British Columbia
On the Power of the Majority in Congress
Richard Pombo (R, California) Profile
Court Halts Off-road Motorcycle Project in Proposed Wilderness
Corporate Changes for NCCC
Updates: Green News; Dusel Redux
In Memoriam: Kevin Herrick
Cantwell Needs to Oppose WeavTel in Stehekin
Stehekin Phone Service, Again
On Privatizing the Public and Big Green Agendas with Comments by Scott Silver
Playing Hardball in the Presidio
Book Review: A GUIDE TO THE END OF THE WORLD: Everything You Never Wanted to Know, Bill McGuire
Book Review: Wild By Law, Tom Turner
Book Review: Justice On Earth, Tom Turner
Book Review: In the Company of Crows and Ravens, Marzluff and Angell
Predator Poisoning and Killing Planned by USFS in Wilderness Areas

Winter 2005-2006


Chelan County Puts Phone Proposal into Coma
Lawsuit to halt Mad River Off-road Vehicle Construction Moves Ahead
Victory for Non-Motorheads in Washington State Supreme Court
Laws, Executive Orders, Policy and the Environment
Lowe Creek Road Compromise Reached
Helicopter Use in Glacier Peak Wilderness
Retiree Decries New Park Policies
Joe and Margaret Miller Profile of A Partnership

Summer 2005


Park Services Bows to Greed on Stehekin Phones
NCCC Invokes Freedom of Information on NPS Phone Reversal Decision
NPS Management Policies Threatened?
Fish Stocking in North Cascades National Park
Changing Demographics
In Reversal, NPS Opens Stehekin to Phone Service
Cascades Overview
A Plea for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Current Disequilibrium of North Cascade Glaciers, North Cascades Glacier Climate Project, 2005 Field Season
Mad River Lawsuit
DNR Downsizing
Recently Read on the Environmental E-Mail Circuit
One Person’s View of Middle Fork Snoqualmie Recovery
Forest Hikers Don’t Need Costly Amenities on Trail
Congressional Alerts
The Boulder-White Cloud Mountains in Idaho Need Your Protection NOW
Remember the 1960’s?
Florida Man Held Hostage by Court Over $5 Day Pass at Mount Dickerman Trailhead
Congress Intensifies Push to Drill in Arctic
Mount St. Helens Open to Bids
Pombo Proposes Selling 15 Parks, Expanding Offshore Leases, Drilling ANWR

Spring 2005


The Wilderness Alps: Crisis and Conflict close to publication
NCCC and the North Cascades Institute’s Environmental Learning Center A History
NCCC responds to Joel Connelly’s editorial opinion in the Seattle Post- Intelligencer
Upper Stehekin Valley Road NPS Management Options
Coon Run Stehekin Road Reroute
NCCC Assessments of Forest Service EAs
Helicopter use in rebuilding Milk Creek Bridge and Suiattle River Road
Information Superhighway threatens Stehekin
DUSEL: Deep Underground Science and the Icicle Valley
Not Man Apart
NCCC Position on DUSEL
Tunnel affects water tables in Italy
Falling for the Cascade Agenda
Crown Lakes to be added to Mount Si NRCA
The Retreat from Fee Demo Begins
Fight RAT with Survey to Wild Wilderness
Threat looming for the Boulder-White Cloud Mountains in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area
Happenings in Our National Forests
Middle Fork Snoqualmie ATM Plan released
Pratt connector trail still looming
Middle Fork ?Trust Land Transfer proposed
Snoqualmie Tree Farm development rights purchased
Lowe Creek Road EA released
Wild Sky Wilderness Bill awaiting action
Venting more fumes and steam than Mount St. Helens
Commercializing Mount Rainier’s High Camp
Of Roads, Access and “Elitists”
Endangered Wildlife Threatened by Draft Legislation
Nationwide Alliance Kicks Off Campaign to Save Arctic Refuge
Book Review: Geology of the North Cascades, A Mountain Mosaic
Major Geological Events in the North Cascades: USGS Maps
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Photo Exhibit at Burke Museum through December 2005.

Winter 2004-2005


NCCC reviews Stehekin road problems
Wheels away Mad River appeal
The Court opines . . . My Turn
Say NO to DUSEL in Icicle Valley
The RAT: Forest Service Adventure Pass revised
Cooperating with the enemy
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Federal government abandons wildlife protection on Alaska’s north slope
Conservation group buys 120 acres along Middle Fork of Snoqualmie
Tales from the Walla Walla Toll Road: #6 Middle Fork, #7 Things to climb when mountains aren’t worth it
Take a hike, America
Grants protect checkerboard wildlife habitat
Refuge manager charged for saving threatened frogs
When the trout arrive, the amphibian exodus begins
Cell phones: Death of solitude
Wolf recovery threatened
Tiny band of grizzlies fights for its life
Introducing three NCCC Board members

Summer/Fall 2004


The NCCC needs YOUR support in publishing the North Cascades book
Why the Pickets are part of the North Cascades National Park-Staking claims to not-mines
Goering’s Law
The Stehekin Landing Proposal
Stehekin Road repair process
North Cascades Institute Update
Mount Rainier: Long journeys with tiny steps begin
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Pay to Play with American Enterprise Institute
Only weirdos look out the window
Yo yo Mount Adams?
Taking the commons away
FEE DEMO: Riding the Recreation Access Tax (The RAT)
Our national parks really in peril
The recent very commercial Adventure Quest
Tales from the Walla Walla Toll Road: #1 Bandera Mountain, #2 Mount Defiance, #3 Mount Washington, #4 Mailbox Peak, #5 Dirty Harry
ORVs: Lullaby of the wheels
Running N + I
Fair exchanges and ripoffs
Mountain goat research in the North Cascades
The largest forest-conservation deal in the country
Boise-Cascade bails out
PERC gives Bush a C+ on environmental policy
National Forest rulemaking on off-road vehicles (ORVs)
Impacts of mountain biking on wildlife and people
Park Service under attack by adviser
Monumental, the David Brower film
Edward Abbey

Spring 2004


Contributions needed for publication of North Cascades history book
Selections from the pages of soon-to-be-published book, Conflict and Crisis
The Ptarmigan Traverse then and now
Harvey’s Burn
Stehekin land exchange lawsuit filed
Politics and the Fee-Demo Carbuncle
Concern grows over Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road Project
NCCC position statements on: Stehekin River Road, Mechanized trail repairs in Wilderness, Helicopters in Wilderness, Ross Lake enhancement
Parks and politics
Why Si?
Managing wild lands the Supreme Court decision
ORV rules well-intentioned but ineffective Snowmobiles in parks
Flora of the Wild Sky Wilderness
Wilderness designation the last hope
Wild Sky update
Suit filed urging recovery of grizzlies in North Cascades

Winter 2003-2004


NPS plans more building in Stehekin
Wild Sky deserves our delegation’s support
A great and famous victory for hikers
Varieties of Wilderness experience
The Wild Sky
Management changes necessary in National Forest Plan update
Bear attitudes about humans
Frolics in the federal forests
Comments on FS Outfitter-Guide EA
Crumbling roads taken out October 2003
NCCC wins a couple rounds in the thinning wars
A second chance for salmon
Fee Demo We won but we have far to go
From Ross Dam to the Environmental Learning Center
Once more unto the Fee Demo, Friends!
Public supports grizzly bear recovery in the North Cascades
Protect BC grizzly bear habitat
Cascades Foothills Initiative
Goose-Maverick off-road vehicle trail project back on track

Summer 2003


Saints and Sinners
North Cascades Storm/Flood Damage, October 2003
The North Cascades Flood
Letter from Stehekin
Storm-Flood Damage Costs
October Flood Damages Many Cascade Roads
Scientists Seek to Drill in Alpine Lakes Wilderness
Senate Passes Wild Sky Wilderness
End of Time: Hot or Cold?
Sauk Thinning: The Forgotten Thin Plus Sale
Timber Sales Appealed
OOPS! Olympic North Fulton timber sale Destroys Proposed Wilderness
Fee Demo: Congress extends Fee Demo through 2005
Fish or Cut Bait: Sierra Club and IMBA Work on Agreement
Spinning Out in Yellowstone B
Earthjustice: Because the earth needs a good lawyer
Birds Decline with Forest Thinning
2004 Northwest Wilderness Conference
Margaret (Mardy) Murie Grandmother of the Conservation Movement 1902-2003

Spring 2003


Stehekin: Park’s Policy of Appeasement Betrays the Public Good
From the Chelan Lakeshore Trail
Wilderness: Commercialization of the Deeps
Outfitter Guides
Wild Sky Bill
Yosemite Just Got a Nightlife
Other Things for Which Fee-Demo Income Would Come In Handy
Downsize and Privatize
Wilderness: The Concept and the Law
The Culture of Deceit—Scandal in the Forest Service: The GAO Report
Not Your Father’s Second Growth
Motorcycle Lawsuit Against NOVA Fund
Ira Spring
The Owyhee Initiative: A Challenge to the Wilderness Act of 1964?
“Old Growth” Campaign Leader Writes to NCCC and NCCC Responds
Forty Years of Fighting Forewords
Book Review: Fred Beckey Tells All
Hidden Crisis is Taking Root in U.S. Parks
Hike with Mount Baker Wild!

Winter 2002


Stehekin: Land Exchange, Phones in Stehekin?
Highlights of NCCC Board Meetings, October 21, 2001 and January 20, 2002
Never Accept Fee Demo
Alaskan protests Fee Demo
Skykomish Wilderness Update
Walks to take while plotting wilderness
Trails on the edge in the Middle Fork Valley
Not Just the Sky
Massive Blowout on Mount Persis
Middle Fork Snoqualmie Access and Travel Management Plan Released
Grizzlies in the North Cascades
Millers’ perseverance saved trees, fragile alpine habitats
Snowmobile Problems in Yellowstone National Park
Choosing Up Sides

Summer-Fall 2002


Park Plans Manipulation of Stehekin River
Charter Forests
It Can Happen Here! Privatization of Parks in British Columbia by Yvonne Zacharias, Vancouver Sun
A Declaration on the Principles of Parks, Valhalla Wilderness Society Parks Campaign (B.C.)
Commercialization of the Wilderness Deeps
NCCC Board Meeting May 20, 2002
Snowmobiles Trespass Alpine Lakes Wilderness
Wild Sky Wilderness: United States Senate Bill S.2565
Wild Sky Wilderness Update
Preserving Our Walking Trails
West Side Fire
Modern Times
Dispatches from the Privatizing Front
Dispatches from the Fee-Demo Front

Winter 2001


NCCC Board Meetings
East from Elephant Mountain, The North Cascades Corridor Project
More Wilderness for the Cascades?
DAVID BROWER, 1912-2000, Recollections
Fee Demo: Year Six
Trampling Out Grapes of Wrath
Snowy Provincial Park, New International Border Park
The Pasayten
EA Pending
Loomis North and South Conservation Areas
Commercial Recreation on National Forests
ORV Litigation Chronology
NOVA Legislative Update

Summer-Fall 2001


Stehekin: Paleck at it again: Another questionable land trade on horizon
On energy security
FEE DEMO AGAIN (and again and again)
Your help needed!
FLASH! Three-quarters of a billion hikers vanish
Smokey the Bear
Beware the frightened rattlesnake— Check the fine print
Battle Mountain Gold throws in the towel from Buckhorn Bulletin, November 2001
Wild Skykomish update
Wilderness proposals of the Kettle Range Conservation Group
Precepts for would-be trail builders
Greenbonding Yes! De-wilding No!
New trail opportunities in the Skykomish Ranger District
New trails proposed for the Middle-Fork Snoqualmie Valley
Greenway trails forum
Is the Pasayten being pounded?
Are you listening, Okanogan? Court victory for high Sierra wilderness
Again the black hats
The DNR: Now coming, 20 Lean Years?
Another substitute for feet?
More NCCC Board biographies: Tom Brucker, Dave Fluharty, Patrick Goldsworthy, Betty Manning, Thom Peters

Spring 2001


Skykomish Wild Country
RICHARD J. BROOKS, 1923-2001
NCCC Board of Directors Meeting Report, June 3, 2001
“God’s in Her Heaven, All’s Right with the World”
The Professor Comes To Stehekin, Adapted from Crisis and Conflict: The U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service in the North Cascades, 1892-2001
FEE DEMO: “Fight Fee Demo – What to Do”; “50 Forest Fee Protestors Ticketed”
FEE DEMO: “Fees for Public Lands a Medieval Concept”
THE PASAYTEN: Comments on Okanogan National Forest Action Plan, 2001
THE PASAYTEN: Forest Service Defends Pasayten Management Plan
Geologic Map of the Snoqualmie Pass 30×60 Minute Quad
Cascades Crusade: Reconnecting the Checkerboard
North American Wilderness Conference 2000
Introducing Members of the NCCC Board