‘The Wild Cascades’ Journal


Fall 2019

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In this issue:

President’s report — Phil Fenner
N3C Actions — March to October 2019
Marblemount organizing ends Kiewit Quarry threat — Jose Vila
News from NOCA
Monte Cristo Road update
Goldsworthy papers go to UW Special Collections
N3C to NOCA: Make a Plan and stick to it
Sahale Harm
Meet board member Kurt Lauer
N3C member profile: Volunteer database manager Ileen Weber
Book review: In Defense of Public Lands by Steven Davis
N3C helps protect fragile alpine environment at Early Winters Spires
Thru-hikers: growing trend, decreasing impact — Robert Kendall
New restrictions limit thru-hikers in Oregon; will Washington follow suit?
Graffiti and the complexity of Leave No Trace — Jason D. Martin
North Cascades Glacier Climate Project report — Tom Hammond
Massive increase in logging on Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest
Logging, cutting and the English language — Rick McGuire
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The Wild Cascades is the premier journal of the North Cascades, featuring its people, places and politics – lively and unafraid to challenge the status quo. Published three times a year, it shares its name with the book The Wild Cascades: Forgotten Parkland, a Sierra Club Exhibit Format book by NCCC leader Harvey Manning, published in 1964, that was instrumental in the creation of North Cascades National Park. We carry on the vigilant effort to defend the North Cascades, and invite you to read issues of our journal online in PDF format – just click on the current issue cover above to open it! Want to receive your own copy of each current issue of TWC as soon as it’s published? If you’re not already a member,  join NCCC! – a subscription is included with your membership dues. (Online issues appear up to several weeks after members receive their copies.) You can write to our editor at: wildcascades@northcascades.org We welcome submissions!

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TWC pre-2001-B

In celebration of our 60th year, we’ve digitized many back issues! Click HERE to view PDF back issues of our journal online. Back issues are hosted by NPShistory.com and include many dating back to our founding.

The Wild Cascades journal began in 1961, following NCCC News which began publication with NCCC’s founding in 1957. A quick history of TWC is in our Spring 2011 issue starting on p. 12.

Also, we’ve scanned articles Joe Miller wrote for early issues of TWC under the pen name ‘The Kaopectate Kid’ from 1969–1979, and they’re available in a special collection on our From The Archives page. Joe’s story of the restoration of Cascade Pass from the October 1991 issue is here