Wilderness Protection

  • It is imperative that North Cascades Conservation Council, its grassroots conservation partners, and other conservation groups be in a position to take advantage of the groundswell of public support for environmental protection. To that end, NCCC is actively working on National Park and Wilderness additions. The American Alps Legacy Project is currently underway, and we are working with partners across the conservation community to realize a vision of North Cascades National Park with boundaries that are based on watershed/ecology.
  • Wildlife Conservation

    The North Cascades Conservation Council has created the North Cascades Wildlife Action Network to enable concerned citizens to speak out about grizzly bear and wolf conservation. Network members advocated for policy changes, including letters to elected officials promoting grizzly bear EIS funding and comments to WDFW on the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan.

  • Forest & Watershed Protection

    NCCC has been working intensively to raise public awareness of the importance of North Cascades forests through numerous media articles. NCCC is also a founding member of, and leading contributor to the “Washington Watershed Restoration Initiative,” (WWRI) which seeks to address the serious problems presented by thousands of miles of crumbling logging roads on National Forest lands in the Cascades.